Jiucheng lubricants has always been the aim of "our success is the success of the users", providing long-term quality service for users.Willing to do with the customer long-term, partnering cooperation, customer success is the success of Jiucheng lubricating oil , "Stand together through storm and stress, win-win cooperation" lubricating oil will be Jiucheng provide long-term technical support service tenet.

JiuCheng lubricants specializing in metal processing liquid, equipment mechanical oil, industrial lubricants and special grease R & D, manufacturing, sales of international high-tech enterprises!

We should promote efficient and clean energy, provide users with reasonable and suitable lubrication products, improve environmental protection, and meet users' and lubrication needs.

JiuCheng lubricants In pursuit of superior quality, leading technology and diversified development, we will expand our sales business in Asia and build an industrial lubrication service brand!

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